Achieve Your Dreams with Actionable and Personalized Zodiac Affirmations

Part #1

"As a Leo, my natural charisma allows me to network toward a promotion."

Affirmations and mantras have been used for centuries. They are an amazing tool to transform your life and help you become the best version of yourself. They have the power to strengthen you, and the power to uplift you.

But many of the affirmations you find online, in books or in card decks are so broad, they could apply to almost anyone. 

"I am blessed."

"I can achieve happiness."

Those affirmations sound nice, and for some people they work. But do generic affirmations like that always relate to your life, your goals, your desires? Do they have any unique meaning to you, as a person? There has to be something out there that can resonate with each one of us as an individual, right?

That exact question is why I've worked with a professional astrologer to create a way for you to craft powerful, personalized and, most importantly, actionable affirmations, all based on your Zodiac sign.

Creating a Zodiac Affirmation

Nearly everyone knows their Zodiac Sign, but did you know there’s much more to your full horoscope than that? Let’s say your birthday is on September 1. That would make you a Virgo. But then you meet someone who claims they’re a Sagittarius Sun with a Libra Moon. What does that mean?

To show you how to create actionable and personalized affirmations, I'm going to dive deep into the five "planets" that have the strongest relation to you and your approach to life:

Sun (The Self)

Moon (Emotions)

Mercury (The Mind)

Venus (Relationships)

Mars (Motivation) 

Your full birth chart includes planets, the sun, the moon - even major asteroids. Collectively, they’re referred to as “lights” or “planets." Not all of them are actually planets but astrology uses its own terms so we'll go with it.

Most objects in the sky have a Sign in your birth chart

In astrology, almost everything in the solar system is a part of your birth chart, and each one of those objects has a sign based on where it was in the sky at the time of your birth.

Understanding these signs will help you unlock your potential, gain a deeper understanding of yourself, and learn to use your natural gifts to your advantage when creating powerful affirmations.

Let's go back to the example of someone born on September 1. Virgo is that person’s Sun Sign. In other words, the sun was in the constellation of Virgo when that person was born. When people ask what your "Zodiac Sign" is, the one sign you look up in your daily horoscope, this is your Sun Sign.

To get a free report on your birth chart Zodiac Signs, fill out the form below, select the service "Astrology Report" and click OK. If you don't know your exact birth time, an approximation will do.

My Sun Sign: _____
My Moon Sign: _____
My Mercury Sign: _____
My Venus Sign: _____
My Mars Sign: _____

Use my easy fill-in-the-blanks Zodiac Affirmation Worksheet to keep track of your signs:

Using your Sun Sign to Craft Actionable Affirmations

The Sun is about self and identity. It’s the center of your solar system, so to speak, and it’s the center of who you are. The Sun is associated with willpower, physical vitality, personal drive, ego, and self-consciousness. Your Sun Sign tells you how those characteristics play out.

You’re probably aware of some of these traits already. What are the common stereotypes you've heard about your sign? Are you a fiery Aries? An adventurous Sagittarius? An ambitious Capricorn?

Take a moment to think of how your Sun Sign 
(the sign you look up in your horoscope) manifests in your identity. Whether you’re a dreamy Pisces, an outgoing Gemini or an indecisive Libra, your Sun Sign informs how you express and understand yourself. 

TASK: Think of the Sun Sign (your horoscope sign) traits you identify with

Consider both the positive and negative. Knowledge of both positive and negative traits of each sign is helpful because it helps you harness what’s good and informs you about what you need to work on. I'm looking at you, fellow workaholic Capricorns. We really need to learn how to stop and smell the roses once in a while.

If you need to take some time to read more about the various Zodiac traits, feel free to do so, and then answer this question:

How does my Sun Sign express itself through my identity? Am I a stubborn Taurus? Am I an imaginative Cancer? Am I a methodical Virgo?

Once you've got an idea of how your Sun Sign influences you, think about one or two of your goals. It could be personal, work-related, family-related - anything.

TASK: Think of one or two goals

Do you have a goal in mind? Something you want to achieve? Do you want to score a promotion, finish a marathon, attract a loving partner, or even just improve your own emotional well-being?

Don't think on it too hard. Write down the first thing that comes to mind. This is just an exercise for now to show you how to use your signs to create powerful affirmations.

Once you've decided on your goal, it's time to look deep and answer this question:

How can your Sun Sign traits guide you in those pursuits?

TASK: Complete the following affirmation

As a __(sun sign)__, I can use my __(trait)__ to __(activity in working toward goals)__.

For example, if you're a charismatic, charming Leo who is hoping to move up at work, you might say, “As a Leo, my natural charisma allows me to network toward a promotion."

Or a Scorpio with a competitive streak might get super specific with, "As a Scorpio, I embrace my competitive nature and get up at six a.m. every morning for a run so I can make it into the top fifty percent of runners at next year's marathon."

A visionary Aquarius, who some people might find too idealistic, can bolster themselves by saying, "As an Aquarius, I use my unique, out-of-the-box thinking to identify and resolve obstacles others can't see."

You can also use this to be aware of negative traits. Every sign has positive and negative traits associated with it, but don’t think of your negative traits as bad. Think of them as a reminder. 

That same Leo might say, “I control my dramatic nature and prevent myself from talking over others when networking.” 

The competitive Scorpio might say, "I am happy for my friend, not jealous, for scoring a better marathon time than me."

The brilliant Aquarius might tell themselves, "I am patient with those who are unfamiliar or uncomfortable with something that is obvious and second-nature to me."

With these examples in mind, consider this:

In what ways can your Zodiac Sun Sign traits help you craft actionable and personalized affirmations?

Want an easy way to keep track of all your actionable Zodiac Affirmations? Download my printable worksheet.

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