Improve Your Mindset with Personalized Affirmations for Your Zodiac Sign

Looking for something personalized to your needs?

Every affirmation is based on the unique traits, needs and energy of each Zodiac sign.

"As a Taurus change can be painful, but I know sometimes it is the only way forward."

Struggling with negative self-talk?

These affirmations emphasize and reinforce your natural positive traits to uplift you.

"As a Cancer, my empathy is my gift."

Looking to gain daily insights?

These affirmations strengthen you to acknowledge and overcome challenging traits.

"As an Aries, I am free from the need to always be better, faster and stronger. I love myself as I am right now."

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How Do Affirmations Work?

Affirmations and mantras have been used for centuries. They are an amazing tool to transform your life and help you become the best version of yourself.

They reprogram your subconscious mind, remove limiting beliefs and change your unhealthy habits and behaviors.

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Each deck comes with 100 affirmation cards.



Affirmicious worked with affirmation writers, life coaches, spiritual guides and astrologers to put together these personalized affirmation cards. 

Each card deck is designed to reflect your life, your values, and your natural alignment, all based on your Zodiac sign. 

Our goal is to bring you positivity and inner peace.

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