Improving Mindsets with Affirmations Customized to Zodiac Sign Personality Traits


Improving Mindsets with Affirmations Customized to Zodiac Sign Personality Traits

Capricorn 100 Affirmations Card Deck - Affirmicious

Do you strongly identify with your Zodiac sign personality traits?


Looking for a thoughtful gift?


Decks Include 100 Affirmation Cards for Each Zodiac Sign

these cards are so amazing and honestly fit me as a libra so well. i can't wait to be able to use them every day and go through all of them!

Dominique - on 09 Feb, 2022

This item was a Christmas gift, and the recipient uses it every day. The item was sturdy and well made. I’ll soon purchase for myself as well.

tkbk319 - on 19 Jan, 2022

What a beautiful deck of cards. Each affirmation so perfect.

Kathy - on 16 Jun, 2022

My friend **LOVES** her cards. Thank you!

Chris -  on 03 Jun, 2022

I bought these as part of my sister's birthday gift, she loved them!

Giana -  on 15 Aug, 2021

Beautiful! My best friend will love these custom zodiac affirmations. 💜

Danielle - on 29 Jan, 2022

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Every affirmation customized to Zodiac sign personality traits

Great encouraging and affirming words. When I gave these cards to my friend and she opened them up, the first card she looked at she said “damn, I needed that”

Kate  - on 13 Aug, 2021

I am so excited to begin using these Taurus affirmation cards...such a LOVELY find!

Prof2009 -  on 19 May, 2022

Absolutely stunning! These are high quality and worth every dollar!

Megan -  on 17 May, 2022

This was a birthday gift for my daughter. She is very pleased with the cards.

Tracie -  on 19 Mar, 2022

I got these for my Taurus friend for her birthday! They looked GREAT and of good quality!

Shelby - on 08 May, 2022

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I bought this as a birthday gift. Beautifully made.

Jessica  - on 20 Jan, 2022

Very cute and makes a thoughtful gift. Shipped quickly and very nice quality.

Leah  - on 04 Jan, 2022

They're beautiful, have no doubt the Capricorn in mind will love them!

james - on 21 Dec, 2021

I gifted this to my sister and she absolutely loved it. Definitely makes a great gift and was exactly what was described.

Ysenia  - on 02 Aug, 2021

The perfect gifts for a friend or loved one

Beautiful product. My friend was very grateful for these cards and I know they will serve him well!!

Randi  - on 18 Dec, 2021

Gorgeous. This is my third time purchasing. Perfect gift!

Hailey  - on 16 Dec, 2021

It was a gift for my cousin and she love them, lol I was tempted to keep them for myself.

Brenda -  on 03 Sep, 2021

This was a gift for my best friend and she loves it! Thanks for the amazing and speedy shipping!

Amanda -  on 13 Jul, 2021

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About Us

Working with affirmation writers, life coaches and astrologers, we offer affirmations customized to Zodiac sign personality traits.

If you strongly identify with your Zodiac sign, then these affirmations will resonate with you personally, based on those unique traits.

Our cards and books are printed in the US in small batches, using high quality materials, and fair business practices.

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