Actionable and Personalized Zodiac Affirmations

Part #2

"Because I have Mars in Taurus, I fight to bring stability to chaos."

In part #1, I broke down how to use Zodiac Sun Sign traits to help craft actionable and personalized affirmations.  In part #2 I'll be looking at the next four "planets" that have the strongest relation to ourselves and how we approach life.

Moon (Emotions)

Mercury (The Mind)

Venus (Relationships)

Mars (Motivation) 

(If you don't know your other signs, we've got a handy Birth Chart Calculator and a Zodiac Trait Infographic in Part #1.)

Your Moon Sign

While your Sun Sign deals with identity, your Moon Sign is all about emotion.

Your Moon Sign represents your feelings and how you handle them. It can inform you of what you’re most sensitive about (and why), what you need to feel safe, and how to achieve emotional fulfillment. 


Knowing your Moon Sign helps with emotional regulation, self-nurturing, and managing goals that relate to your feelings.  Try it.  Pick one of your goals that relates to emotion.

Task: Complete the following affirmation

Because I have the moon in____(moon sign)___, I can achieve _____(emotional goal)_____ by ______(what your moon sign requires)_______.

Let's say you want to build more self-confidence in yourself.

As an example, while some might consider Libras vain it's only because, being ruled by Venus, they know how to truly appreciate the beauty in things. If you're a Libra and you have an emotional goal of being more confident in yourself, you might say an affirmation like this:

"Because I have the moon in Libra, I build my self-confidence by taking pride in my appearance."

Pisces tend to dwell on the past, especially over mistakes they've made. Someone with a Moon in Pisces might say, "I build my self-confidence by remembering times in the past when I succeeded and excelled."

It can help to think of your Moon Sign as a cute animal or little baby that you’re nurturing. Once you know what it needs, you can take good care of it.

Use my easy fill-in-the-blanks Zodiac Affirmation Worksheet to keep track of your affirmations:

Your Mercury Sign

Here’s a wild guess - is your Mercury Sign the same as your Sun Sign? Mercury and the Sun are only 28 degrees apart, so Mercury is often in the same sign as the Sun.  If not, it’s probably in the sign immediately before or immediately after your Sun Sign.


As the Sun represents the self, Mercury represents the mind.  It makes sense that the two go together so closely.  Your Mercury Sign tells you about how you think, how you learn, and how you handle information.  It is associated with logic, rationality, and even technology.  Mercury is also associated with communication and sometimes with commerce.


To understand how to unlock your mind’s potential, think of the traits associated with your Mercury sign.

Someone with Mercury in Sagittarius, known to be the adventurous sign, might be a hands-on learner who likes to freely explore. Someone with Mercury in Aquarius, known to have a passion for knowledge (and being somewhat of a "know-it-all") might absorb the most information by falling down a Wikipedia hole.


What does your Mercury Sign tell you about how your mind works?

Task: Complete the following affirmation

Because I have Mercury in____(sign)___, my mind thrives in/with ___(stimulus)_____. Therefore I can help learn to achieve my goals by ____(action to take____).

For example, Scorpios love the thrill of the chase and, being enigmatic themselves, love to solve mysteries. Someone with a Mercury in Scorpio might say:

"Because I have Mercury in Scorpio, my mind thrives when there is a mystery to solve. Therefore, I feed my mind by paying attention to details and connecting the dots in any situation."

Remember, Mercury is not just about learning and reasoning. It also relates to what we do with information once we’ve learned it. Do you explain, teach, make new connections, or think outside the box? Try filling in this sentence too:

Because I have Mercury in____(sign)___, I have a natural aptitude for ____(trait)____.

For example, some people might think Scorpios ask too many questions and probe too deeply on topics that don't matter, but they can use that trait to their advantage by saying, "Because I have Mercury in Scorpio, I have a natural aptitude for being detail-oriented."

Your Venus Sign

Next, let’s consult your Venus Sign.  Venus rules over affection, beauty, personal taste, and romance. Venus is the part of your chart that seeks or creates harmony.


Similar to the Moon, Venus relates to emotions.  The difference is that your Moon Sign tells you about your emotional self, whereas Venus deals with how you relate to other people (or other things - Venus also appreciates the beauty of items).


Venus rules over all things relating to love and beauty, so understanding your Venus Sign can help you with interpersonal relationships, artistic pursuits, and expression through style.  Every sign is associated with specific needs, desires, and aptitudes. 


Which sign you have in Venus will help you determine how to connect to others in a meaningful way and appreciate the beauty all around you.

Task: Complete the following affirmation

Because I have Venus in____(sign)___, I can ___(achieve relationship goal)____ through____(trait)___. Therefore, I will ____(action to take)___.

You don’t want to leave this one vague. Make sure to go one step further and add an action based on that trait.

For example, let's say you have been crushing on someone for a while and have Venus in Aries. Aries signs are known for being fearless and extroverted, so you might say the following affirmation:

"Because I have Venus in Aries, I get my crush’s attention through assertiveness. I start conversations with them, and if we make a connection, I ask them out."

Your Mars Sign

Your Mars Sign tells you how you summon and direct your energy. It also refers to motivation, personal drive, physicality, sexuality, and how you deal with anger.

As you are looking up your Mars sign, remember, there’s no “good” or “bad.” What matters is how you use it.

Task: Complete the following affirmation

Because I have Mars in__(sign)___, I am energized by ____(stimulus)_____. Therefore I will motivate myself by _____(action to take)____.

Again, make sure to be specific in your Zodiac affirmation. Every sign has something that motivates it, so add a practical statement to make sure you give yourself that stimulus.


For example, Taurus signs tend to seek out material pleasures, and they thrive on rewards, so you might say, "Because I have Mars in Taurus, I am energized by rewards. Therefore, I treat myself to a delicious pizza after finishing a big project."

Conversely, Virgos don't usually have trouble self-motivating, but they do tend to be very hard on themselves and hate being less than perfect. Therefore, someone with a Mars in Virgo might say:

"Because I have Mars in Virgo, I am energized by perfection. But I know perfect is the enemy of done so I complete my tasks on time and don't agonize over every detail."


In addition to firing up the energy we need to achieve our goals, Mars is the planet of righteous anger.  Well, any anger.  But, again, understanding our Mars Sign helps us recognize our anger triggers and makes sure we’re harnessing our power rather than letting it control us.


If you’re a seeker of justice, connecting with your Mars Sign helps you navigate the difference between speaking out against workplace bullying and flipping off the guy who stole your parking spot.  Harness your anger so that it fuels you rather than harms you.

Task: Complete the following affirmation

Because I have Mars in___(sign)____, I can fight for/to ___(your sign’s values)____.

For example, Taurus is known to be the most stable, practical sign so you might say, "Because I have Mars in Taurus, I fight to bring stability to chaos" when joining a brand new community group that doesn't have ground rules or strong leadership. Take this actionable affirmation to heart, instead of getting frustrated and upset at the lack of structure.

Virgos are methodical, organized and industrious, so joining a disorganized community group might lead to an affirmation like this: "Because I have Mars in Virgo, I support the causes closest to my heart by taking ownership of the necessary day-to-day work others might consider unglamorous."

That covers the five planets that have the biggest influence on your personal life. The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all bring their special power to your chart. Studying your signs for each of these planets will help guide you in your daily decisions, re-connect with yourself and take action toward your long-term goals.

Use my easy fill-in-the-blanks Worksheet to keep track of your actionable Zodiac affirmations:

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