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3 Powerful Steps to Manifest Your Desires

Manifesting. Everybody's doing it. Or everybody's TRYING to do it anyway.

But there's so much more to it than The Secret leads us to believe. If thinking positive thoughts were all it took, we'd all be a whole lot skinnier, more prosperous, and taking a lot more vacations.

So what does it take?

Well, it depends. Some people are blessed as natural manifestors. Just as some people are born to play the piano better than others naturally, or some people run faster than others.

You may be thinking these people are so incredibly lucky, right? But being a natural at manifesting isn't necessarily a good thing. They're equally capable of manifesting negative experiences as they are positive. And therein lies the problem.

So the one thing it always takes is... 

1) Intention

Intention sets the groundwork of getting what you desire. If you're not focused on what you want the Universe to bring, then you might end up with something different or nothing at all.

I had a friend who simply asked for "abundance" and then received ten surprise packages of M&Ms in the mail the next day. You have to be clear in your intentions.

2) Align Yourself

Get in the vibration of joy, love, and gratitude. In the past, I've seen some articles suggest you need to get in alignment with the vibration of $100,000 if you want $100,000. Excuse me?

First of all, if you've never had $100,000, you can't even imagine what that feels like, but as someone who has, I'm still not clear what that energy feels like. That doesn't mean you can't manifest it, however.

The highest vibrations that humans can experience is gratitude, love, and joy. So get into feeling those three things. When you get into those high vibrations, you are more aligned with creation. And manifesting is really just creation.

3) Envision with all your senses

Creation is a serious business. If you're the creative type, you know that there are generally two ways that the process happens. One, the information is downloaded as if from your Higher Self or your Muse. Or two, you envision it and then breathe life into it.

When you manifest, you need to breathe life into it. SEE it, FEEL it, and KNOW it.

See how your life will improve when you have what you desire and not just your life but other's life around you as well. Feel the joy it will bring. And know that it will happen.

I use the example of manifesting $5000 to get my daughter braces. I see how much her confidence builds as her teeth straightened, and her smile improves, and then I see how happy she is when her braces come off, which makes her father and I so happy. I feel the joy and gratitude of the experience that $5000 has allowed us. Really getting into the moment.

Make it as personal and heartfelt as you can. Just saying you want $100,000 does not connect you, we all want $100,000 (or at least that much, lol)

And when you've done all that, surrender and let it all go, trusting in the Universe/God to bring it to you. You can't worry about it to death. If you don't let go, the Universe can't fill your order.

Besides, worry is a lot like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but it gets you nowhere. 



Kim GalliherKim Galliher is a freelance writer and author of Journaling by the Moon. She is a witchy woman who loves her family and pets, meditation, stockpiling incense and tea and lots and lots of laughter. You can find her at www.kimgalliher.com 


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