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Scorpio 100 Affirmations Card Deck

Scorpio 100 Affirmations Card Deck

"I can choose what to commit to. I do not need to take on everything."

Scorpios are intense and passionate people. That's why we love you. But sometimes those traits can get out of hand.

You're so intense that you often forget to take care of yourself. When others need your help or support, you go all in without thinking about whether it's too much for you. It's important to remember to be gentle with yourself when this happens.

These affirmations for Scorpio can help change your mindset. Because this card deck is designed especially for you, these encouraging statements will speak to your soul. Let these affirmations remind you to keep calm, set realistic goals for yourself, and commit only to what is right for you.


Each deck comes with 100 Scorpio affirmation cards.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Claudette Beland

Ashley Mueller

So fun to have attention cards that learn into my zodiac sign! Love these!

Georgina Bedard

Michelle Mohr

Got this as a birthday present for a friend who always tries to give herself affirmations throughout the day and I loved the idea of zodiac-specific quotes to give her the push she needs. I really hope she gets some good out of these, I think she'll love them!

Aprille Marquardt

I bought the Aries version of this for a friend's birthday, and I just had to get the Scorpio one for myself. I definitely recommend it!