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Pisces 100 Affirmations Card Deck

Pisces 100 Affirmations Card Deck

"I deserve a fulfilling life. Instead of sacrificing myself for others, I focus on creating my own happiness."

Pisces are known for empathy, intuition and creativity. However, you can also be sensitive to criticism, indecisive and prone to living in a fantasy world.

Being an empath isn't always easy - it means you feel what other people feel as if it were your own feelings. This can make you very empathetic but also leaves you vulnerable to others' negative energy or emotions.

These affirmations for Pisces were written just for you. It's time to protect yourself from the negativity that drains you, and focus on building up your self-confidence, becoming more grounded, and embracing your natural intuition and creativity. These affirmations will encourage you to open up your mind and heart to accept positive changes into your life.


    Each deck comes with 100 Pisces affirmation cards.

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    Maria Osborne

    Rebecca Steil Boyer

    Gabrielle Will

    C Doyle

    love the beautiful cards..cant wait to start using them.

    Nina Kiehn