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Gemini 100 Affirmations Card Deck

Gemini 100 Affirmations Card Deck

"I am free from the need to compare myself to others. The only person I can compare myself to is the person I was yesterday."

You're a smart, adaptable Gemini and you have the ability to reach any goal you put your mind to - but sometimes you don't even know what that is. Your dual nature means you struggle with knowing who you really are sometimes.

These affirmations for Gemini focus on your natural positive traits to uplift you, like your charisma, intelligence and quick wit. They also encourage you to work on your more negative traits, like your tendency to be indecisive and flighty.

When you repeat positive statements about yourself over and over again, your mind starts believing them as truth and it begins to influence your behavior in a powerful way. It's time for you to start accepting yourself just as you are, with all your imperfections included.


    Each deck comes with 100 Gemini affirmation cards.

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    Thank You I really appreciate the order 😊

    Lillian Hagan

    Darryl Conner

    Elizabeth Gaylord

    Kaira Pacocha

    Love these cards! The shop owner was very pleasant. I cannot wait to pull an affirmation everyday :)