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The Intricacy of a Birth Chart


When it comes to zodiac signs, things are a bit more intricate than just looking at your horoscope.

Your birth chart is a map of the sky at the time you were born. The twelve houses of horoscope each represents a different area of human existence.

Different planets are placed in houses and in zodiac signs. Each planet and heavenly body affects your personality in some way and is responsible for different aspects of your life.

For example, Venus tells a lot about your love life. Mercury, about communication. The Sun tells you about your personality and your ego. The Moon, your feelings and how you express them.

In astrology we refer to the Sun and the Moon as planets, too - not in a scientific sense, but the language of astrology has its own rules. Your horoscope contains ten "planets" - and a few other astronomical objects. Each planet is located in a certain zodiac sign on your date of birth.

We call a Sun sign our "zodiac sign", but in fact there are a lot of more planets in different signs in our horoscope. But Sun sign and Rising sign (ascendant) usually have the biggest impact on our personality.

For example: An Aries Sun sign might have a Virgo ascendant and many Virgo traits. If that person saw affirmations for a Virgo, some of them would no doubt resonate.

Most people only know their Sun sign as their zodiac sign, so they can sometimes feel like affirmations for other signs resonate with them and they don’t know the reason why. It’s because of this more complicated Birth Chart - they have other important planets in different signs.

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