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The Freedom of Sagittarius

The Freedom of Sagittarius Zodiac Affirmations

Sagittarius, The Archer, is the 3rd fire sign of the year. It is this fire that ignites the Sagittarius free spirit and a great sense of adventure. They are always looking for the next great thing, from traveling to the most scenic spots, dancing at the hottest clubs, and wearing the latest trends.

Larger Than Life

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, and like Jupiter, many Sagittarians have a personality that is larger than life. They are bold and stand out in a crowd. Sagittarians are very often optimistic and looking for that silver lining. If those around them don't see it, they will cheer them on until they do.

Brutal Honesty

But Sagittarians can be brutally honest as well. If you want the truth, seek them out. If you want it sugar-coated, best not ask The Archer. 

If Sagittarian's throat chakras get out of alignment, this brutal honesty can turn into unkindness. It is a good idea for them to practice empathy. They should try imagining themselves in the shoes of another before saying something that might not need to be said. 

Deep Thinkers

Sagittarians are deep thinkers and love to wax poetic. They are philosophical types and enjoy other signs who can speak for hours on in-depth topics. The Archer has no patience for casual conversation. 

A Refusal to Commit

The free-spirited nature of Sagittarius crosses over into their love relationships as well. Often times, they will have many partners under their belt or refuse to commit to a relationship. Instead, they choose to be single, and free to choose their partner at any given time. Sex and love can be almost interchangeable for them, and it is always playful and fun. 

On Everyone's Guest List

As friends, they are outgoing and popular. Sagittarians are fun and upbeat. They are the person who makes everyone's guest list. They are also known for their great sense of generosity and are the one person you can count on when you are in need. 

Visionary Leaders

At work, Sagittarians need change to keep them happy. Repetition will not do for The Archer. They need excitement and forget about micromanagement. They can be impatient and careless, and if the job doesn't hold their interest, mistakes will be made. They make fabulous leaders because they have vision and play by their own rules, but marching to someone else's tune is difficult for them at best.

Sagittarians love money and will work hard for it. Why? Because it is a means to an end. Money buys their fabulous vacations. It pays for their new hobby. It allows them to buy the new books they will devour in no time at all. They need it to fuel their desires.


This fire sign is always in action and never one to sit still. Sagittarius has a dire need to be careless and fancy-free. You may get them to be calm and steady for a short while, but in their minds, they are far, far away doing wonderful things in their imagination. They are the nomads of all the signs, and they can never be fully tamed.

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