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The Versatility of Gemini

Gemini, and its two-sided nature, has very distinctive features that are common to its zodiac sign.

A Brilliant Mind

Mercury rules Gemini and gives this sign the gift of a brilliant mind and intellect, and it shows in all things Gemini does, making them very versatile in their endeavors.

Indecision and Anxiety

Due to their two-sided nature, however, there can be a lot of indecision and bad-decision. Geminis should work to grow their intuition to have an internal tool to rely on when faced with uncertainty.

Anxiety often plagues Gemini making it challenging to work under pressure. Taking just a moment or two to ground during these difficult times can be very beneficial.

Perpetual Curiosity  

Gemini's high intellect has them ever curious. They are interested in most everything, studying new information, learning trivia, and gathering gossip.  But because of this perpetual curiosity, they can quickly move from one thing to another, failing to dive deep, so working on their focus is vital to Gemini.

Personable and Funny

The Twins, the symbol for Gemini, have that beautiful gift for gab thanks to Mercury and quite a personality. They make friends quickly and are very personable and funny. 

Geminis are never one to sit still. They love a change of scenery, and travel is high on their list. They must get out and about to experience the places they love to read about as they peruse online resources.

Not Quick to Commit

When Gemini is in love, their curiosity, and communication rules. They are not quick to commit and can be quite randy before settling down. When they do, however, they desire someone very compatible and enjoy deep conversations.

A Need for Downtime

Gemini is outgoing and highly personable, but they must have their downtime to recharge, relax, and go within. It's imperative to their mental and emotional well-being.

The destiny of Gemini's character might be written in the stars. Still, all things are adaptable with a little effort, and Gemini being so very versatile can quickly adapt to whatever is thrown their way.

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