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The Ambition of Capricorn

Capricorns, an earth sign ruled by Saturn, are most well known for their ambition and hard-working traits. They eat and breathe work. If you ask a Capricorn what they do for fun, their answer will very often involve something revolving around work or self-improvement. They strive for excellence.

Both Employee and Leader

Their innate sense of ambition and hard work makes them both an excellent employee and a leader. They must be careful not to be pigeon-holed in the workforce, however. They may be kept in a lower position simply because they do a better job at it then 2 or 3 other employees could do. Sometimes working so hard can be a detriment to their work goals. 

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Financial Stability

One thing that drives Capricorn is their love of money. The fastest way to anger a Capricorn is to interfere with their money. They take each dollar very seriously because they know the amount of hard work it took to earn that dollar. Never get between a Capricorn and their financial stability.

Overcoming Any Obstacle

Capricorn is represented by the Goat, and there is nothing too steep for the Goat to climb. Capricorn will overcome every obstacle put in their way simply because they can. All this hard work and ambition though, can cause the Goat to have a bit of tunnel vision.

Capricorn has many positive traits, but being warm and sensitive is not one of them. This tunnel vision for getting things done and powering through the hardest of times can leave the Goat a little cold and distant compared to the other signs. 

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Factual, Not Hurtful

The Goat needs to pause and practice empathy. To pause before they speak and question, perhaps, does this need to be said? The Four Agreements is a fabulous book for Capricorns. It isn't that Capricorns mean to be hurtful. They are simply very factual and to the point. Finesse is not a strong point for them. 

Intense Loyalty

Where love is considered, Capricorn is very loyal. While Capricorns seem cold and distant to the outside world when they find their special someone, things heat up tremendously. They give themselves completely but expect the same loyalty in return. They have the same intense loyalty for everyone they love, whether it be partner, family, or friends. 

Prone to Melancholy

The Goat tends to be intelligent and a deep thinker. They generally have the gift of being both detail-oriented and big picture thinkers. This leads to them always being in their own mind, which can make them a bit melancholy. Capricorns aren't known for being overly emotional, it's true, but melancholy they wear well. 

Capricorns would do well to do things that create a positive environment and get them out of their own heads. Practicing mindfulness and gratitude can go a long way towards limiting the depressive mindset they can get caught up in. 

A Need for Self-Care

It is especially needed when Capricorn refuses to come up for air, being the workaholic they are. It is not a matter of will they burn out, but when. So, taking time to practice self-care and having good healthy habits will go a long way for ambitious Capricorn.

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