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The Love of Libra

The love of libra

Libra, ruled by Venus, is the seventh sign of the zodiac. Being ruled by Venus, the goddess of Love, it is no wonder that much of Libra’s personality is tied to relationships and their interactions with others. They love to be part of a pair, whether in a romantic relationship or a fabulous friendship. 

Profoundly Romantic

Due to their tie to Venus, they tend to be profoundly romantic and want their romances and even friendships to be what movies are made of. This can sometimes lead Libra to be a bit superficial as they aim for the “look” and outward appearance or the hot, steamy sex scenes instead of long, enduring love.

When Libra finds themselves getting a little carried away in the romanticism of it all, it is essential to stop and ground themselves. They can do this by checking in with their breath, being in nature, or walking barefoot on the earth. 

Fabulous Listeners

Libras make for fabulous listeners and can be very diplomatic in giving you their best advice. But it would be best if you were careful of the information you share with them because they can take what you say and use it to manipulate. Libras don’t manipulate in a malicious way but use the information they have to try to keep the peace and make things pleasant.

Family Before Work

Libras are lovers and like happy relationships, and they are always striving for that. If you want a workhorse or workaholic, Libra is not it, as they will never put work before family and friends.

Keeping the Peace

They do well in group work settings, however, and being part of a team. They are easily the most cooperative sign and work to keep the peace. They thrive in an environment of maintaining balance and equality. Seeing that everyone is pulling their weight is vital to this Venus-ruled sign.

Strong Moral Compass

Libra is shown with scales and is about balance and equality. This sense of fairness is a common theme for Libra. They dislike seeing any injustice or unfairness taking place. They have a strong moral compass and will usually fight for the underdog.

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High Ideals

This air sign tends to be quite intelligent and has strong opinions and ideas that they need to share with like-minded people. They have high ideals and expect the same of friends and lovers as well. They love easily, but need to have their intellect stimulated to keep them interested.

Lovers, Not Fighters

While Libra will stand up for what is right they strongly dislike confrontation and will rarely stand up for themselves. If they order a rare steak and it comes back well-done, they would rather just eat it than complain and send it back. They are lovers, not fighters.

If you can keep this Venus-ruled sign grounded and their head out of the clouds, Libra makes for a fantastic family, friend, and lover. 


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