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The Intensity of Scorpio

Scorpios are ruled by Pluto, the planet of regeneration and transformation, so expect them to always bounce back from failure. They will analyze what went wrong and move forward using that knowledge for a new and better plan.

Alluring vs Off-Putting

This water sign is full of emotion, and Scorpio is most known for its intensity. For some, this intensity is alluring, and for some, it's off-putting. It depends if you're the type who likes that bad-boy/girl vibe or prefers someone more sweet and low-key. Scorpios are, of course, depicted as a scorpion, which we all know has a venomous sting.

Mysterious and Enigmatic

Scorpios are often cool, calm, and methodical about how they go about their lives. This calm focus can make them seem detached to some but also very mysterious.

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Truth be told, many Scorpios do have an enigmatic look about them, as if they hold secrets no one else knows. Perhaps they do. Being ruled by Pluto, they innately know that life may give you a do-over. Remember, Pluto is the planet of regeneration and transformation. There is always a chance a person might change, grow, mature, or re-invent themselves.


Scorpio at work tends to be ambitious. They may step on toes to get where they want to go. For Scorpios, it's winner takes all. Practicing mindfulness, however, helps Scorpios when their domineering side rears its head. 

You can do this by sitting in meditation, going on mindful walks, practicing mindful eating, or even mindful coloring. Anything that brings the mind back to center and reminds them that we are all One.

All-Consuming Relationships

In love and relationships, Scorpio is always intense. They are well known for their sexual prowess and charm, but being in a relationship with a Scorpio can sometimes be all-consuming. They want to know ALL about their partner, every detail. Scorpios want to be the center of their partner's universe.

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They can also be possessive and jealous. It takes a strong partner to manage that, and Scorpio's mood changes as well. Again, for this water sign, practicing mindfulness goes a long way in balancing the negative traits of Scorpio with the positive.

A Venomous Sting

You don't ever want to cross a Scorpio because chances are they will never forgive you (and did I mention that venomous sting?) But if you treat them with love, kindness, and devotion they will be your faithful friend and loyal companion forever.

Analytical and Astute 

Regarding Scorpios and money or careers, they are both competitive and astute. They like to win, and that includes where making money is concerned. They love to look good, but spending foolishly is not a typical Scorpio trait. They love positions of power, but also enjoy anything analytical and thought-provoking. They make fabulous doctors, researchers, lawyers, and detectives.

While Scorpios are intense and somewhat overwhelming at times, they are deeply passionate and faithful. If they use their fantastic ability to focus on keeping their more unfavorable traits in check, this scorpion's sting isn't so bad.

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