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The Hard Work of Virgo

Virgo, an earth sign ruled by Mercury, is easily the hardest working sign out there. They have an uncanny sense for detail and a methodical approach to everything they undertake, making their work ethic top notch. 

If you want something done and done right, give it to a Virgo. 

The Perfectionist of the Zodiac

This attention to detail and methodical approach when out of balance can lead to Virgo’s less attractive traits of being over critical and picky. Their perfectionist ways are much too harsh for most of the other signs, which can set them up for failure. 


When out of balance, Virgo can also overthink situations because they want to get everything “just right.” It will keep them up at night and wake them up early so that they can perfect a scenario that hasn’t played out yet. 

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These tendencies to be a perfectionist to a fault are areas Virgo can overcome by becoming conscious of the behavior. Becoming conscious doesn’t mean actively trying to change anything or passing judgment, only acknowledging, accepting, and becoming aware. It is through this awareness that real change naturally comes to be. 

Creative and Resourceful

Virgo is incredibly creative and resourceful. They can take items that look like scraps and make works of art or a refrigerator full of leftovers and wilted vegetables and turn them into a fantastic meal. They think nothing of it as it is just something they do. 

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Seeing the Best in People

Virgos, while sometimes over critical of work performance, tends to be very kind and patient in other areas of life. They readily forgive and see the best in people when others look for faults. They believe people are inherently good and look for all the best qualities that make people shine. 

A Need for Meaningful Connections

In love and relationships, Virgos love deep, meaningful connections. One-night stands and summer flings aren’t their typical scenario. They want to know what makes their loved ones tick. What gets them excited and feeds their soul. 

Often Introverted

Due to their need for deep relationships chatting up strangers and making new friends isn’t the Virgo way. They tend to be shy and often introverts, but once Virgo makes a friend, they tend to keep them. 

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Full of Common Sense

Where money is concerned, Virgos tend to be savers. They are hard-working and know the value of a dollar, but they also know that saving for a rainy day is essential. Virgos are very practical and full of good, common sense, and don’t let frivolity get in the way of better judgment. 

Natural Communicators

Professionally, Virgo makes a fantastic employee because of their attention to detail and tremendous hard work. Their sense of creativity and the ruling house of Mercury makes them natural communicators and writers. Virgos should be mindful of keeping boundaries and making sure they know their worth and that they are well compensated for their fabulous work. 

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A Need for Self-Care

Due to Virgo’s hard work and dedication, it is vital for them to purposely take time to relax and make an effort for self-care. It isn’t in Virgo’s nature, of course, but if they don’t take good care of their physical, mental, and emotional health, they will “crash and burn.” Even the best fall sometimes. 

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