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The Independence of Aquarius

Aquarius is an Air sign ruled by Uranus. The Air quality means they must be mentally stimulated to remain not only interested but happy. It is what drives Aquarians.

It is a close second to their need for independence. The Water-Bearer cannot stand to be boxed in, and they will flee at the first sign of confinement.


Due to Aquarius being so mind-centric, they are big picture thinkers and tend to be very open-minded. They can see both sides of the story and weigh things out before coming to any conclusion.


This ability leads many Aquarians to become humanitarians. They can see and empathize with the injustices of the world. They have big hearts and want to do what is best for all. They love to be of service to others.

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Slow to Trust

In relationships, however, whether sexual or in friendship, Aquarians are often thought of as cold or distant. It is only because it takes them a while to trust and feel safe. But once they do, they are not just comfortable but very loving. Just don't expect them to be the first to say, "I love you."

It would serve the Water Bearer well to do exercises that strengthen the Root Chakra, such as grounding meditations or earthing. These types of activities help build a feeling of security and calm the body.


Perhaps it is their independent steak, but Aquarians tend to be a bit impulsive. Many are called "free-spirited." You might see this in their need for travel, or the several shades of hair color one might wear, or all the different charities they jump around to serve.

What seems to be inconsistent to the outsider will always make perfect sense to the Aquarian because it is well-played out in their ever working mind. The wheels are always turning, make no mistake. You are just not seeing all the steps played out.

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Innovative Thinking

Where work is concerned, Aquarius likes freedom and will not do well in jobs where they are micro-managed. Anything involving change and innovative thinking they will thrive in, however.

Where money is concerned, the Water Bearer is not as concerned about it as many other signs, but they do like to spend it on things that catch their eye. Putting it towards a worthy cause such as donating to their favorite charity or buying items for the nearest animal or homeless shelter is preferable, too.

A Contradiction

Aquarians tend to be shy and timid compared to the other signs in the zodiac, but they can be very stubborn and quick to anger as well. They are a sign of extremities and contradictions.

As mentioned, they may seem cold and distant, but they may seem overly emotional too. They may be quiet and shy but explode in anger and leave everyone around them shaking where they stand.

Standing for What's Right

Aquarians are unique and never afraid to march to the beat of their own drum. Aquarians are comfortable with who they and don't mind standing alone to stand for what is right.

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