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The Determination of Taurus

As with all the zodiac signs, Taurus comes with their specific traits and qualities that guide their personalities.

Prone to Procrastination

Taureans, people born under the sign of Taurus, can be very slow and seemingly lazy to other signs; this can lead to procrastination. Taurus isn't fond of doing jobs they have no interest in but keeping focused on the fact that swiftly getting through the mundane tasks can leave them with more time for the things Taurus loves to do.

A Fierce Determination

Because Taurus has an eye for shiny things and loves a luxurious lifestyle, it's also essential to keep focused and let that fierce determination overrule the desire to procrastinate. 

A Natural-Born Leader

Staying organized and utilizing systems to stay on task will significantly benefit Taurus, who is a natural-born leader. 

Taurus the bull can quickly become irritable. Stopping to do some deep breathing is a great way to ground themselves and bring things back to center. 

Deep Loyalty and Trust

Venus rules Taurus, and in love, they do well, but because of their deep loyalty and trust, their long-term relationships can sometimes become a bit boring. They should take time to purposely recall all the reasons that they fell in love with their partner and exercise that kindness and devotion Taurus is so well known for. 

Solitary and Introspective

Taureans can be a bit solitary and introspective in nature, preferring the company of one over many. Having a good friend to help them occasionally get out of their comfort zone and socialize is helpful.

An Eye for Aesthetics

Taurus can be very creative because they have an excellent eye for aesthetics, but they need a great deal of encouragement to sit down and create. Making time for creative endeavors each week is a beneficial way to balance the bull's pragmatism.

Keeping in mind all of Taurus' amazing qualities of leadership, kindness, loyalty, resilience, and trustworthiness, they can easily overcome their shadow aspects with a sense of consciousness, determination, and effort.

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