12 Morning Affirmations for a Great Day Based On Your Zodiac Sign

12 Morning Affirmations for a Great Day Based On Your Zodiac Sign

It's a new day and the perfect time to start your morning off right.

Your mindset is the most important thing to work on in order to make it through your day, so you need to be sure that you're in a positive mood from the moment you wake up. And what better way to do that than with positive morning affirmations?

12 Morning Affirmations for a Great Day Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What are Positive Morning Affirmations?

A morning affirmation is a statement that you say to yourself in the morning before you start your day.

Morning affirmations can help transform your mind and behavior. They also have the power to influence you in making better decisions throughout the day.

Why Do Morning Affirmations Work?

Positive morning affirmations work because the more you repeat it to yourself, the more you'll begin to believe it. Affirmations like these help you put your best foot forward and make you feel good about yourself.

It's important to have a positive attitude from the first moment you wake up because your moon will affect the way you go about your day.

Saying something positive to yourself can make all of the difference and will help you live a happier life.

Why Morning Affirmations for Zodiac Signs?

Why should you use morning affirmations based on your Zodiac sign? That's because each person has different needs, and the affirmations will be more effective if you have them tailored to your personality type.

For example, if you're a Pisces, then the positive affirmation "I am guided by the universe" is going to be more effective for you than if it was targeted towards someone who is not a Pisces. This is because you're naturally more spiritual and you want to feel like everything is going well because a higher power is guiding you.

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Try More Than One Zodiac Affirmation

The zodiac sign you read in your horoscope isn't the be all, end all. You also have your moon sign, your rising sign, etc., and they can be different from what we call your "Sun sign." This is why we sometimes identify with zodiac signs other than our own.

So don't feel as if you need to pick just one morning affirmation. If there's one or two that resonate with you more than others then try them out by repeating them throughout the day.

Enjoy a Personalized Affirmation

Positive affirmations really work best when they are specific for each person - which is why we've created this post. We've taken the guesswork out of creating personalized, positive affirmations that will work for you.

Morning Affirmations for Aries

"I'm a powerful, energetic person."

An affirmation like this one is perfect for Aries because they are natural leaders and highly motivated people. They need to feel powerful in order to be happy.

Aries are also known to be very competitive, so they'll love this positive affirmation that reminds them of their strength.

Because Aries signs are energetic, they need to make sure that they're in a good mood first thing in the morning, otherwise it can be difficult for them to focus on getting the right things done, instead of being all over the place.

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Morning Affirmations for Taurus

"I'm living the good life."

For Tauruses who enjoy food and wine, or being at home with family and friends, this is an appropriate mantra for them because it's all about their priorities and what they enjoy.

Those born under the sign of Taurus are known to be practical and grounded, so positive affirmations like this remind them of the importance of appreciating what is important.

Because Taurus signs hate change, it's important for them to do positive affirmations like this one so that they remind themselves why it's worth setting aside any insecurities or doubts about what may happen in the future.

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Morning Affirmations for Gemini

"I am fun-loving, bold and inquisitive."

Geminis are known to be the most social of all signs, so this affirmation will remind them that they are able to socialize with anyone, and have fun while doing it.

Gemini's also tend to be very intellectual, so this affirmation will remind them that they should look at things from different perspectives and not be afraid to ask the difficult questions.

Because Gemini signs can be indecisive, affirmations like this one remind them that they need to be bold and take initiative when it comes to their personal goals.

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Morning Affirmations for Cancer

"I am a beautiful, creative person."

Cancer is the sign that feels things deeply so positive affirmations are essential for them. For Cancers, this affirmation is perfect because it speaks to the positive qualities that they possess.

They're sensitive and emotional, but also very imaginative. Cancer zodiac signs are known to be very sentimental, so this affirmation will remind them of how important they are and why, every day.

Because Cancer signs can be very moody, positive affirmations like this one remind them to be kind and gentle with themselves.

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Morning Affirmations for Leo

"I am a lovable, passionate person."

Leos need to feel like they're being themselves and connecting with others in order for them to be happy. This affirmation will help them avoid the feeling of being too lost in their own head or lonely, as if they need people around all the time.

Leos are also said to be very creative and artistic, so affirmations like this are perfect for them. It reminds them that their creativity is heightened by their passion for art.

Because Leo signs can be very demanding and difficult to please, these affirmations are a great way to remind them of the importance of accepting others' love.

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Morning Affirmations for Virgo

"I'm a hardworking, responsible person."

Virgos are one of the most dependable signs and need to know that they're doing their best to be responsible. They have deep thoughts and will often criticize themselves over their failings, so this affirmation is a reminder that they're always trying their best every day.

Virgos are also detail-oriented. Affirmations like this will remind them of their analytical side so they don't get too carried away in overthinking things.

Because Virgo signs can be a bit obsessive, affirmations like this one are perfect for them because it reminds them of the importance of being responsible and taking care of their body as well as their work.

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Morning Affirmations for Libra

"I am a kind, gentle person."

Libras are the sign of balance and harmony. They're also very in tune with the thoughts and feelings of others, so they need to remind themselves that they are gentle and kind. They also need to know that they are the type of person who is liked by everyone.

Libras are also very fair-minded, so this affirmation is perfect for them because it's about how they are in tune with the feelings of others.

Because Libras can be very indecisive, affirmations like this one remind them of the importance of being kind and gentle when making a decision.

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Morning Affirmations for Scorpio

"I am loved."

Because the Scorpio is filled with so much intensity, they need to know that there is someone who loves them unconditionally even when they are sometimes "too much".

Affirmations that remind them they are loved and accepted are what they need in order to live a happy life every day.

Because the Scorpio has a tendency to be jealous, this affirmation will help remind that they're loved and accepted for who they are, and that there is no need for their loved one to stray.

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Morning Affirmations for Sagittarius

"I am adventurous."

Sagittarius is the sign of freedom and exploration. They like to be around people as well, and they're also very open-minded. They need to know that their life is a journey and be reminded of how exciting every day can be.

Sagittarius people are also known to be very optimistic, so this affirmation is a great way to remind them of the good things in life.

Because Sagittarius can be full of energy and a bit restless, affirmations like this one are perfect for them because it reminds them that it's okay to be their adventurous self every day.

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Morning Affirmations for Capricorn

"I am strong and determined."

Capricorns are ambitious, hardworking people who will succeed at anything they put their mind to. This affirmation is perfect for them, because it speaks to their positive qualities and how they can get anything they want when they are determined to get it.

Capricorns are also the sign of strength and this affirmation will remind them every day that they're strong and capable, even if they are sometimes too hard on themselves.

Because Capricorns can be very cautious and slow to act, morning affirmations like this one are perfect for them because it's a reminder that they can stick to a decision once it's made.

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Morning Affirmations for Aquarius

"I live my life with integrity."

Because Aquarians are often living outside of the box and doing things that sometimes other people don't understand or approve of (like rocking a mohawk!), it takes someone with strong character not only to do those things but also stay true to themselves at the same time.

It can be hard for some Aquarians because they often feel they are living in their own world, but these morning affirmations can help them realize their reality is just as real as anyone else's.

Because Aquarius can be unpredictable, affirmations like this one remind them of the importance of living their lives by their own guiding principles.

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Morning Affirmations for Pisces

"I am a loving person."

Those born under the sign of Pisces are natural nurturers and lovers who need to be reminded that there's nothing wrong with being kind and spreading love around them. They have an inner strength when it comes to putting others first.

Pisces are also the sign of intuition, so this affirmation will remind them that they're a caring person who is always aware and thinking about the world around them.

Because Pisces can be very sensitive, affirmations like this one are perfect for them because it's about the importance of a gentle heart.

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Do These Morning Affirmations Resonate With You?

Start your day off right with an affirmation. It's the key to making every day a positive and successful one.

Do these Zodiac positive morning affirmations resonate with you? Go on the Affirmicious Facebook page and let us know how they're transforming your life!

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