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The Imagination of Cancer

Those who live under the Cancer sign live with a wide array of personality traits. Acknowledging the full picture can help you understand this somewhat complicated sign. 

Active Imaginations

Cancers can become very resentful if they feel they've been slighted or cheated in some way. This goes for real or imagined slights. Sometimes their active imaginations can get the better of them. It's crucial for Cancers to reign in their imagination and use it for creative works instead.

Cancers are not known for their forgiving hearts. If they have been slighted, they can hold a grudge for eternity. Practicing forgiveness intentionally, such as the ho'oponopono technique, would be very beneficial to the crab sign.

Need a Creative Outlet

As mentioned, Cancer signs have a very active imagination and tend to be very creative types. They must invest time and energy doing something creative for their peace of mind. They thrive when they have a creative outlet.

Detest Micro-Management

At work, Cancers prefer to work alone or in positions with little supervision. They don't do well under micro-management. Cancers excel in management positions, therapy, and the medical field.

A Bit Moody At Times

The moon rules the sign of Cancer, and so their emotion can get the better of them at times, moving them from lightness into the dark on a whim. Not only can they be a bit moody, but they can sometimes be a real Negative Nancy. Doing things to raise their vibration, such as meditation, eating high vibrational foods, dance, and laughter yoga can help boost those of the Cancer zodiac sign.

The Care-Giver of the Zodiac

In relationships, Cancer is very loving, emotive, and family-oriented. Cancer is the care-giver of the zodiac, and they love to nurture and love others.

Because of their deep caring for others, they tend to be deeply faithful.

Sometimes this faithfulness becomes a problem as they overlook faults to keep the relationship/family together.

Energy of the Moon

So while Cancer is very loving, kind, and faithful, they can also be very moody, suspicious, and resentful. They are steeped in conflict. It's that moon energy, the light of the moon, and the dark shadow side that we see so well in Cancer. But with intention and purpose, Cancer can lead a very balanced life.

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