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The Optimism of Leo

Leo, ruled by the Sun, is a fire sign. The Sun never goes retrograde, making Leos a very dependable sign. Like the Sun, they are full of fiery heat and passion. They also tend to be optimistic and look on the bright side of negative situations.

A Jealous Streak

Part of the passion of Leo is a jealous streak. This jealousy exists in all relationships, not just romantic ones. Like the Sun, Leo wants to be the center of the Universe.

Very Competitive

Unchecked jealousy can cause Leo to be very competitive. Becoming self-aware and knowing that while every planet plays a vital role in the Universe, there is only one unique version of them, and that is what makes them special.

A Need for Praise

Part of the Sun being the center of the Universe is having all eyes on Leo. If Leo is not getting the praise they feel they deserve, you can bet Leo will tell you how fabulous they are. They need to hear and be shown they matter even if they are doing it for themselves. A positive way to boost Leo's confidence could be with daily affirmations. Posting them in the bathroom or saying them upon waking and as part of their nightly ritual would be very beneficial.

Protective of Loved Ones

When Leo feels unthreatened and well supported they are incredibly loyal and protective of their "pride". They will take great care of those they see as a family. They will show you exactly how they want to be treated, so pay close attention.

Excellent Leaders

Like lions in the Serengeti, Leos can get a little lazy. Wishing to lie around, bask in the sunlight and take things easy until there is a specific job to do-like protecting the pride or feasting on supper. Give them a particular task or someone to lead, and they will snap into action, allowing their leadership abilities to shine. Leos make excellent leaders, but they do require a lot of downtime.

Honest to a Fault

Leos are very honest. Often to a fault. And sometimes, when they are supposed to be keeping a secret. The urge to tell the facts is just too overwhelming to stay quiet. But Leos, mean well (unless they are in competition mode and then all bets are off) and have a kind and genuine heart. You will always know where you stand with a Leo.

Enjoying Their Best Life 

Leos love to live a good life. Quality is what matters most.

They love enjoying the best life has to offer. Whether that means enjoying time with friends and family, great vacations, fabulous dinners, leisurely soaking in the tub with a glass of wine and a great book, or catching all the best films, they are about the experience over existence.

Ever the Optimist

And while life may kick a Leo while their down, they will dust themselves off and look for the lesson or how to improve the experience of what just happened. They are ever the optimist. They may have cloudy days, but that Sun will always shine. 

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