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How to Manifest Money According to Your Zodiac Sign (with printables!)

What Do You Say When Manifesting Money?

Are you wondering exactly how to manifest money quickly? Are you at a loss for what to ask the universe? If so, try starting out with using affirmations to attract wealth.

Why Money Affirmations Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Affirmations work best when they feel personal and tailored to you. A generic affirmation just won't do the trick. 

When learning how to manifest money fast, it's important to use affirmations that specifically address your needs. That's why we've created an affirmation for each Zodiac sign, specific to the needs and traits of your personality type.

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The most common way to use affirmations for wealth is to read them out loud while visualizing or writing down all the feelings that come with imagining yourself having enough money.

How to Manifest Money Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Aries Affirmation to Manifest Money

"I am always creating great opportunities that bring me additional income."

For you fiery Aries who feel as though opportunities for earning more moolah have been limited (or who believe you have a limited capacity to generate great money-making ideas), the affirmation 'I am always creating...' is a fantastic way for you to begin shifting from those limiting beliefs into a mindset of financial abundance. 

To help make this affirmation work best, you should keep in mind that alertness and awareness are key ingredients to manifest quickly.

Aries Affirmation Cards

Be as observant as possible while looking outside yourself. Engage in new conversations with others. Seek out hobbies and activities that attract potential future sources of income. 

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Pay attention and notice what's coming towards you. Radiate outward to the Universe and add fuel to your fire to give this manifestation effort some momentum.

Aries Affirmation Printables

Taurus Affirmation to Manifest Money

"My wealth is increasing every day."

Taurus signs are born accumulators; you are steadfast, patient and methodical when it comes to financial abundance. 

This means you often focus on building up your wealth slowly over an extended period of time, as opposed to taking extra risks in hopes of generating wealth faster. 

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The affirmation 'My wealth is increasing every day' taps into your natural ability to build long-term. You may have limiting beliefs, due to past experiences, that your progress is moving at a slower pace than you like. This affirmation helps set the change process into motion.

Taurus Affirmation Cards

One of the keys to making this affirmation work for Taurus signs is recognizing that slow and steady accumulation of wealth can pay off big time down the road. 

You have to remind yourself of this fact, especially when you are tempted to make a risky investment (but then again, the Taurus has a cautious side and may avoid these risks to begin with.) 

This affirmation can also help reduce your fears of poverty, or fears of failure due to making financial mistakes. Realizing that you are not going to lose all of your money if you make one mistake will help you gain some peace of mind, which you can then channel into more positive energy for manifesting money.

Taurus Affirmation Printables

Gemini Affirmation to Manifest Money

"My trust in the Universe enables me to attract money quickly and easily."

Gemini signs are one of the best when it comes to thinking outside of the box for financial success. 

Having this kind of mindset, to act on your ideas quickly when it comes to manifesting money, will benefit you greatly due to the law of attraction.

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By using the affirmation 'My trust in the Universe enables me to attract money quickly and easily,' you are tapping into your mental flexibility. It empowers you to keep an eye out for unique money-making ideas.

It also helps you keep in mind that the faster you take action on an idea, the quicker it will manifest, and the quicker you will reach your goals (how does a million dollars in your bank account sound?)

Gemini Affirmation Cards

Your natural curiosity and desire to explore different ideas means that it will be easy for you to find new ways of creating money, but if you choose not to implement those thoughts and ideas fast enough, it can be much harder for you to find success. 

You will also benefit greatly from allowing yourself to feel excited and optimistic about your ability to generate more money. You can do this by reminding yourself that you are able to achieve anything you want, as long as you stay focused on your goals.

Gemini Affirmation Printables

Cancer Affirmation to Manifest Money

"My intense connection to the Universe provides me with all I need."

Cancer signs have a natural intuition about you that you can use for good. Your ability to focus this energy into various areas of your life can result in wealth through a wide range of sources.

The affirmation 'My intense connection to the Universe provides me with all I need' taps into this intuitive connection. 

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Try making a list of potential ways to generate money (this could be something you have already done or something your future self will do) and then focus on taking action on these ideas, one by one.

You might be surprised to discover that you are already taking the steps to create wealth in a specific area of your life. 

Cancer Zodiac Affirmation Cards

When you tap into this mindset you will realize that your intuition has been guiding you on this path the entire time. 

By reaffirming your connection to universe, you can become even more confident in knowing that nothing is outside of your reach. 

By committing to this affirmation, you can attract the resources necessary for you to manifest more money. The more you use them on a regular basis, the quicker you will see these opportunities come to fruition.

Cancer Affirmation Printables

Leo Affirmation to Manifest Money

"I am confident and fearless in my efforts to earn more money. I am a money magnet."

Leos love to reap the rewards of hard work, and you enjoy spending your money freely to create the types of experiences you've always wanted. 

You are fearless in your approach to generating wealth, never worrying about what others might think. Instead, you're always looking for the most effective way to achieve your goals and become a money magnet. 

Leo Affirmation Cards

By using the affirmation 'I am confident and fearless in my efforts to earn more money. I am a money magnet,' you can feel more empowered to take control of your finances by searching for a job with better wages, seeking higher paying roles at work, or starting your own business ventures.

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Your natural confidence will serve you well when it comes to attracting new opportunities, but keep in mind you will need to stay focused on your goals in order to see these results.

Leo Affirmation Printables

Virgo Affirmation to Manifest Money

"The Universe is abundant with wealth. All I need to do is take action, and it will be mine."

Virgos are known for a tendency to over-analyze everything, and this includes money. Your analytical approach to earning more money allows you to be incredibly effective at making wise investments. 

You are, however, known to be overly critical of yourself, doubting your ability to follow through with these money-making strategies. 

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Because of these limiting beliefs, you can benefit greatly from using the affirmation 'The Universe is abundant with wealth. All I need to do is take action, and it will be mine.'

Virgo Affirmation Cards

This affirmation can help you overcome any of the personal limitations you think you have. By recognizing that the Universe is abundant with wealth, you will feel freer to take action in ways which might feel risky or uncomfortable for you. 

You will still continue to use your natural analytical abilities, but you can do this in a way that allows you to be more spontaneous. Being in this positive, abundance-focused mindset will make you more receptive to any money-making opportunities that come along.

Virgo Affirmation Printables

Libra Affirmation to Manifest Money

"I am confident in my ability to create wealth now, and in the future."

Libras enjoy having a luxurious lifestyle and you are always looking to expand your finances. But you can be a bit impatient when it comes to earning more. This is especially true if your financial needs are not currently being met, causing you to become anxious about your current financial situation. 

You can greatly benefit from the affirmation 'I am confident in my ability to create wealth now, and in the future,' because it will help you remember that patience is your best friend when it comes to making money.

Libra Affirmation Cards

When you are feeling impatient, you can tap into this affirmation and remember that the Universe will provide you with opportunities at just the right time. 

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If you begin to feel stressed about the money you currently have, this affirmation can help you feel better about your situation. You can use this affirmation to remind yourself that creating more wealth is an ongoing process. Even if you feel like your financial situation isn't ideal right now, it can and will improve in the future.

Libra Affirmation Printables

Scorpio Affirmation to Manifest Money

"The money I need is already on its way to me. I am open to receiving it, no matter the source."

As a Scorpio, you love to be in control of your life, especially when it comes to your finances. You won't allow anyone else to dictate how you make, spend or save money.

This doesn't mean, though, that you can't use outside help to achieve your monetary goals. Scorpios are incredibly independent, so you might have a hard time recognizing that there are people who can help you achieve your goals faster. You might feel like you have to do everything on your own. 

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 A Scorpio can benefit greatly from using the affirmation 'The money I need is already on its way to me. I am open to receiving it, no matter the source,' because it will encourage you to look for additional opportunities from unexpected sources.

Scorpio Affirmation Cards

When you are faced with opportunities for additional money, the Scorpio can tap into this affirmation to help you recognize these gifts. Through using this affirmation, you will learn to trust the Universe and begin to let go of your fears around receiving money from others.

When you allow yourself to experience the feelings of gratitude that come with receiving additional money, you will be able to get a clearer picture of the opportunities that surround you to live an abundant life.

Scorpio Affirmation Printables

Sagittarius Affirmation to Manifest Money

"I am ready to receive money. I am grateful for all the opportunities available to me right now."

Sagittarians have a lot of optimism and enthusiasm for life. You always think about the future and what you can do to make it even better than the present. 

This is wonderful when you're trying to create a plan for the future, but it can cause you to ignore the present, and forget about what needs to be done in the here and now. 

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This mindset can cause you to feel anxious about the current state of your finances, especially if you are spending money on frivolous things that don't have potential for long-term growth.

Sagittarius Affirmation Cards

You can benefit greatly from the affirmation 'I am ready to receive money. I am grateful for all the opportunities available to me right now,' because it will help you shift your perspective. You don't need to wait for the future to begin enjoying the good things that are present in your life.

When you're grateful for what you do have, you will recognize that the Universe is constantly providing you with opportunities to create more wealth, right here and now.

Sagittarius Affirmation Printables

Capricorn Affirmation to Manifest Money

"I trust the Universe to provide all that I need."

As a Capricorn, you're ruled by Saturn, which represents authority and structure. This is why it's so important for you to feel like you have control over your life, including your finances.

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You can use the affirmation 'I trust the Universe to provide all that I need,' because you realize that sometimes, it's best to let go of the desire to control everything.

Capricorn Affirmation Cards

You can trust the Universe to provide for you everything that will help you reach your goals. This type of trust is necessary if you want to start recognizing the signs that alert you to an abundance of opportunities. 

 Being open to letting the universe provide will ultimately help you achieve your financial goals, by focusing on opportunities that appear, instead of focusing on what you can't control.

Capricorn Affirmation Printables

Aquarius Affirmation to Manifest Money

"I am grateful for all the opportunities that made themselves available to me in the past. I am open to receiving more in the future."

As an Aquarian, not being able to make as much money as you would like can cause a lot of resentment. You might feel like it's unfair that others seem to have an easier time making money. You might even feel envious of those people and think they are undeserving of their wealth. 

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By tapping into this gratitude-focused affirmation you will begin to realize that it is your own beliefs that are blocking you from achieving your financial goals.

Aquarius Affirmation Cards

When you use this affirmation and focus on gratitude, you will learn to receive money from a much healthier place within. 

This can help you remove the resentment you feel from the past, so you will be more open to receiving money in the future.

Aquarius Affirmation Printables

Pisces Affirmation to Manifest Money

"I am moving forward to create wealth in my life. I feel the Universe supporting me as I do so."

As a Pisces, when you experience financial problems, you often feel like there's nothing you can do to change the situation. You might get caught up in negative thoughts and feel detached from the idea that the Universe has a plan for you. 

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When you tell yourself that the Universe is supporting you, even though you're not seeing it immediately, you can begin to trust that things are moving in the right direction.

Pisces Affirmation Cards

By saying the affirmation 'I am moving forward to create wealth in my life. I feel the Universe supporting me as I do so,' you can learn to open yourself up to receiving the abundance that you deserve.

When you tap into this affirmation, you will feel confident about creating a plan for your financial future that is practical and attainable, knowing that the Universe is supporting you every step of the way. This will give you the hope and courage needed to start working hard toward your goals.

Pisces Affirmation Printables

How Do I Ask The Universe For More Money?

It's important to remember that the "ask" isn't the most important part. The money affirmation is just something to get you started. 

Over time, you will learn that the words themselves don't matter quite so much, because your subconscious mind isn't only focusing on what you're saying. Instead, it's recognizing the emotions behind what you're saying and feeling them inside you.

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